Iggy Azalea Will Make You ‘Bounce’ Then ‘Work’

Iggy Azalea Will Make You ‘Bounce’ Then ‘Work’

Iggy Azalea – The Australian Rapper/Model is about to take over the world.  After two mix-tapes, an EP, two official videos receiving over 18 million views and signing to two major labels, she’s ready to release her first debut album…too the entire world at the same time!  According to Iggy the album titled “The New Classic” will drop internationally sometime in the first week of September 2013.  Her first single “Bounce” released in Australia in May of this year peaked at #18 on the AUS charts and is set for a release date of July 7th in the UK.  Iggy’s sound is infectious and her music has that same connection between lyric and beat that is found with the greats like Eminem.

Today we offer you two featured songs with Iggy’s singles, “Bounce” and “Work”–both hits.  The song “Bounce” which was the second single released in Australia and the UK is her most commercial work to date.  The song is fun, fast tempo’d, club ready and filled with more friendly lyrics than fans are probably used to.  It’s about getting you moving hip-hop style.  You can count on someone twerking while listening to this song.  The official video has received almost five thousand views on YouTube.

Iggy Azalea Brit Awards

If you think that Iggy Azalea is too pretty and put together to have rapper “clout”, or that coming from such a beautiful place as Australia removes her from being connected with the usual hardship lyrics of rap music, think again.  The next single, “Work” that we are featuring today is more truly appreciated after listening to the Aussie hip-hop artist tell her own story in this interview with Hard Knock TV back in the middle of June of this year.

At 16 Iggy left for the United States with dreams of making a better life for herself.  She eventually settled in Los Angeles where she resides today.  The single “Work” was the debut release for the rapper and talks of her rise to fame.  The song peaked at number 10 on the Australian chart and number 3 on the UK R&B. The music video (which is explicit) has had over 14 million views to date.

Iggy Azalea Work

Now that you’ve gotten to know Iggy Azalea a little better, we give you the video for “Work”, directed by Directed by Jonas & Francois.  You will get this chorus stuck in your head.



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