Jaymes Young – “Dark Star” Will Mesmerize You

Jaymes Young – “Dark Star” Will Mesmerize You

This is what we can tell you about Jaymes Young so far. He is 21 years old, from Seattle, based in LA and released his debut single this past May (2013). On his Facebook page he’s announced an upcoming EP and Mixedtape on August 20th. Via Twitter he’s working on a full length album presently.

We’ve reached out to him for a more complete bio and will feature that when we get it. For now you have some great songs to listen to and time to get to know this incredible artist. We are placing Jaymes’ debut release “Dark Star” in the spotlight of this post since it was our discovering point, but his latest single “Fragments” is just as good. The flow of both songs, with their electronic rhythms and Young’s soothing vocal, create a unique sound that is quite refreshing. Dark Star is mesmerizing with Jaymes flowing voice at it’s helm.

Our second favorite is the more lively track titled “Hold You Down” perfect for the club and one to get your head bouncing. Listen here.

The main focus with this artist is his voice. There’s this sense that beyond the great dupsteps and synth sounds Young has more in his vocal ability that these few songs so far have allowed him to express. You could take this voice, stick it inside an Adele type arrangement and have gold. It works as is, don’t get me wrong, just don’t brand this young man quite yet. You can already notice his range moving from “Dark Star” to “Hold You Down”.

We’re excited to hear what’s next. Enjoy the discovery!

Jaymes Young’s Latest Release – Fragments

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