Kat Dahlia Brings A believable Hip-Hop in “Gangsta”

Kat Dahlia Brings A believable Hip-Hop in “Gangsta”

Something big happens when a rapper spits a lyric that clings to their soul. It’s the kind of phenomenon that happened when Eminem dropped “Lose Yourself” for the motion picture 8 Mile. It’s more than putting together a rhyme. It’s not about shooting for shock value either. The rapper is expressing themselves, maybe not entirely, some in pieces, but the connection along with a natural ability to flow, is what great rap songs are made of. Track a rapper and you may only find this kind of thing at the beginning of their career, when they are raw and straight from the streets. Not that the “Streets” need be literal either. For many, the hard time is a certain living condition or relationship. Kat Dahlia makes you believe in her story and pulls you into it with an intense driving vocal. The mix of simple piano sounds and a snare drum keep the listener focused on the center of the creation. Speaking to MTV Kat stated “Gangsta” is real, raw, and ultimately tells my story.”

The 22 year old Cuban-American is releasing her debut full-length album in September titled My Garden. Below you can get to know Kat Dahlia a little better through an interview that she did with MySangreLatina.com back in June. Gangsta is our featured song of the day July 28th.

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