MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS Release Video For Song “Lies”

MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS Release Video For Song “Lies”

Marina Diamandis continues to get her use out of her 2012 second studio album “Electra Hearts” by churning out more videos. The latest, released July 17th, is what some fans would say is the best song on the album, “Lies”. The singer stated earlier this year that she had begun writing new material for her next album followed by a tweet in July of a new project called, “Eleven Diamonds”. We still don’t know what that pertains too but most are getting the feeling that she’s about to release something new. This is what she had to say about it via twitter today (July 19)

Mirana did release a single with Charli XCX in May of this year titled, “Just Desserts” but it was not featured on DaysTune. We give you the new video for the older song “Lies”, still great either way.

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