Panama Wedding Get’s Web Buzzing With “All Of The People” (Listen)

Panama Wedding Get’s Web Buzzing With “All Of The People” (Listen)

As a music blog it’s always refreshing when an artist gets the web buzzing; Panama Wedding has done just that with it’s debut single “All Of The People”. After contacting the New York City band’s management, we’re told that as of today there’s no official bio. The single which debuted a week ago has taken off reaching 45,000 plays on Soundcloud in just 5 days, while continuing to rise the Hype Machine charts. Looks like they should start working on that bio right away, fans are going to want to know more about Panama Wedding. What we do know today is “All Of The People” with it’s synth-pop sound that draws you in as soon as it enters it’s chorus, is shouting ‘Hit’! If this is any indication of what any future songs or debut album will be like, then hallelujah! we have new band to love. Make your inaugural listen now and get that free download.

Happy Monday and hello to new, fresh music!

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