Smallpools Drop The Perfect Single – Video Combo with ‘Dreaming’

Smallpools Drop The Perfect Single – Video Combo with ‘Dreaming’

It’s always fun to see a band deliver a single and video release combo, that moves them from unknown to your favorites in a manner of 3 minutes and 41 seconds. The LA based, four man band released their first EP (self-titled) this week on July 16 and it’s off and running with a pure summertime beat in “Dreaming“. The kind of requirements meant for such a song are met with plenty of guitar and drums hooked to lively lyrics that make you want to sing along. Their EP is full of songs all with the same elements, but mixed up enough that each is unique.

Having a great song debut is something every band wishes for, but when you couple that with a cool music video, as is the case with “Dreaming” you’ve hit a mark higher than planned. Lead singer Sean Scanlon, starts off the video walking into an amazing party at his place, which of course all rockers wish for at some point. It all turns into this loopy “get me the hell out of here” nightmare when the event is set on replay. The Groundhog Day style video teams up perfectly with the bands open rocky sound and always moving forward lyrics. Summer playlist? Check!

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