Watch Kodaline, Passenger and Geordie Little Busking.

Watch Kodaline, Passenger and Geordie Little Busking.

There’s a term that’s becoming popular here in the US. I have to admit that earlier this year when I first heard the term spoken, I had no idea what it meant. So of course I did the smart thing and Google’d it. In some areas of the world people not only know what it is, they most likely experience it on a daily basis, while making their way through the city Passenger Buskingstreets. In America I can’t say I can remember ever hearing the word, “Busking“. To me they were just beggars – they just chose to play a guitar or harmonica instead of holding a cardboard sign. I always stood and watched as a child and thought “these people must not want to work” or “they’re probably mentally challenged.” Who else or what else could they be? Well it turns out they could actually be professional musicians. They might even be playing a much larger venue later that evening, with paying crowds, T-shirts for sale and number one albums.

Artists do it for many reasons. In European countries it’s a given for most artists and I think, where the use of the term has come from. It’s a great way to get yourself noticed, especially if you busk in the right place at the right time. Others go to the streets driven by a desire to be heard. I mean when you love to sing or play an instrument and no club or venue will have you, what do you do? — take it to the streets!  If you’re down on cash or have a self made CD you want to sell, make your way down to the local plaza, open up your guitar case and play your heart out. Watching these street performers, I don’t think it’s the money that drives these performances anyway, instead I think it’s the passion to present their craft to people and see them enjoy it. Out on the street it’s a different world, no one is paying to be there. They didn’t plan on coming and the only thing that draws and keeps them, is the enjoyment they experience listening to the music.

Geordie Little BuskingWe have three videos for you today, each a different band or performer busking somewhere in the world. Two of the them are just now breaking into the US music scene and happen to be on the top of our favorites list; Kodaline and Passenger. The other is a man named Geordie Little who has made busking a way of life. His skill is quite amazing and we’re happy to show him. Both Kodaline and Passenger have been touring in some capacity here in the US this year (2013) and each had made a commitment to “Busk” in several cities in which they would be playing. Mike Rosenberg who uses the stage name Passenger, even took to Twitter at times seeking out information on good places to set up. Kodaline were video’d performing by a fan, who then posted it to YouTube (video at top); we’re so glad she did. The number one band in Ireland, Kodaline, perform on the street in front of Tower Records (June 2013) and it will give you goosebumps. Steve Garrigan and band give you a raw demonstration of their amazing talent and harmony. Singing “High Hopes” which went number one in Ireland and is from their debut studio album, In a Perfect WorldKodaline captivate the crowd.

Enjoy these video’s and like me, maybe think twice the next time you see someone busking…they may just be a star.

Mike Rosenberg known as Passenger sings “Holes” on Degraves St in Melbourne!

Geordie Little – Just watch and be amazed as he performs at the Rundle Mall, S.A.

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