YouTube: Helping Artists Shape The Future Of Music

YouTube: Helping Artists Shape The Future Of Music

By: UK Contributor – Lois Jones

YouTube is becoming a part of the music industry more and more and changing it drastically. Justin Bieber, Conor Maynard, Gabrielle Aplin, Nina Nesbitt…they all started out by posting videos of themselves on the internet.

Universal Music Group have recently announced that they are establishing All Def Music, a record label purely to find emerging artists on YouTube, showing that the big guns are finally sitting up and taking notice of the power of the internet.

But there are plenty of artists out there on YouTube doing a great job all by themselves and are making a good living by releasing their music without the help of a major record label. A fine example of this would be musician, Alex Day. He has been posting videos on YouTube for years, and has built a huge following on the website. The large amount of support he has online meant that when he decided to release his song ‘Forever Yours’ for charity in 2011, he ended up getting to number 4 in the UK charts in the tough Christmas week and sold 50,000 copies.

Alex is no one hit wonder either, he continues to earn a crust from his music as well as self-release his songs. He’s also had success with such songs as ‘Good Morning Sunshine’, and ‘Lady Godiva’.


Watsky is another YouTube success story. His videos of spoken word poetry and super fast rapping have helped him build a successful career that just keeps growing. He’s turned down offers from major record labels and opted to go at it alone. He now travels the world performing to audiences – last Saturday, he headlined the Yahoo! Stage at Wireless Festival in London.


It’s not just the boys who are mixing it up. Take Emma Blackery for example, on Monday, July 22nd, she released her first EP’Distance’ and a video for her song ‘Go The Distance’. In less than a week, the video has gained nearly 200,000 views, and the EP is already making it’s way up the charts (as I type, it’s currently number 3 in the UK i-Tunes Rock Chart) proof, if any was needed, that the way we consume music is changing thanks to the power of the internet.


Artists are finding that they have more power than ever to connect with audiences and get their music heard. With crowdfunding sites like PledgeMusic and Kickstarter becoming more popular, it’s also allowing fans to fund the music they want to hear, making the relationship between artist and fan closer than ever. It’s an exciting time for the music industry, and with just a click of the mouse, we are shaping the future of music.

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