Basic Vacation’s ‘I Believe’ An Out of the Box Hit! (Listen)

Basic Vacation’s ‘I Believe’ An Out of the Box Hit! (Listen)

Today’s featured song “I Believe” is your new, Summer-Feel Good-Life is Freakin awesome anthem, from a brand new band called Basic Vacation. Out of the box this song is a hit. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, it’s straight to the top for this trio from New York City. Press play and it’s nothing but one big pop party of wide open sounds and one infectious hook. Chris Greatti, Jon Paul and Mike Montalbano have only been together as a band since last year, but it doesn’t show in the lead single for their upcoming EP. They give us exactly what we want from a hit pop song, swinging between the harmony of The Wanted and the indie feel of Passion Pit.

The young band will be opening for Owl City on their east coast tour this month, so if you’re in the area grab an opportunity to see them while you can. On August 22nd they will be making their debut LA appearance along side Hunter Hunted at the Popshop West.  We’re happy to let this sweet morsel of pop-love hold the featured song spot for Saturday August 9th, 2013.

See Basic Vacation’s Exclusive Q&A With DaysTune – HERE.

Basic Vacation – Facebook

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