Billy Cullum Interview With DaysTune

Billy Cullum Interview With DaysTune

There’s yet another new and rising star coming from the city of London and his name is Billy Cullum. The young up and coming singer/songwriter is set to release his first official single “Back To My Youth” September 16th 2013. Having recorded several videos to YouTube performing covers of popular hit songs, Billy is ready to step out with his own. Whether you’re watching the official music video for his latest single or the young singer performing a cover, his musical focus and intensity is evident. With formal training at the Arts Educational School of Musical Theatre in London and multiple stage performances, Cullum merges the two for a unique pop sound.

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Billy took some time to answer some of our questions on his start, songwriting and future.

DaysTune Q&A with Billy Cullum:

1) How long have you been singing? Was it your first goal or the stage?
For as long as I can remember I was always singing in my room. Probably a specific time when I took a step forward with my singing was auditioning for the Junior school choir. Growing up it was always my dream to be a singer – I was quite unfamiliar with stage work until a much older age. They compliment each other and I think a lot of other Artists grow up dabbling in stage work as well as their own singing & songwriting.


2) How long have you been writing your own music?
When Vanessa Carlton released her song ‘A Thousand Miles’ I immediately taught myself piano as I wanted to play like her. Ever since then I started writing which was when I was about 15. It started with naive pop ballads, Billy Cullum Tumblrthen it turned to real electro-pop, then I went quite dark and theatrical with the content and now I’ve found my sound but I’m still experimenting with it.


3) Musical influences?
I grew up in the 90’s which was in my opinion the best pop era, so I would definitely say 90’s pop is a huge influence on me, it has to be. My Dad would always play music really loud in the house so I also grew up listening to Artists like The Police, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Annie Lennox. At the moment I love Florence + the Machine, Bat for Lashes, Lana Del Rey and anything with a wicked beat.


4) Tell us about the inspiration behind “Back To My Youth”?
It came from a place of me wanting to go back to a more simple and care-free time. I was at a point in my life when I was writing  this song where I was really confused about what I was doing with  my work and I was quite scared to take a leap and really put my music out there. When writing I started thinking that Youth can also be a really lonely time when you don’t really know anything about anything, which is quite a daunting thought. The song is filled with Nostalgia, Hope, Fight and sort of combines in a celebration of Youth.

Billy Cullum Tumblr5) Is there an album in the works? Date?
I definitely have enough songs for an album – I’m constantly writing. I think the next step is to do an EP of 4/5 tracks in early 2014.


6) Any plans to visit the US?
I would love to visit the US. I’ve been to New York and it felt like a second home – I didn’t want to leave! When I travelled there I remember crossing the bridge into Manhattan and it was like driving into a movie set. Because the Artistic world thrives so dominantly there, as an Artist it made me feel like I could do anything haha – it’s an incredible place.


7) Where do you want to be musically five years from now?
I couldn’t pin-point what I want my sound to be as it’s a constant moving thing but I hope my writing continues to evolve!

We’re excited to see what lies ahead for this young singer/songwriter from London. Hopefully he will be turning our that EP sooner than later. We want to thank Billy for taking the time to help us get to know him better. Grab “Back To My Youth” as a free download for a limited time via the artist Facebook page- Download.


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