Born Ruffians ‘Needle’ Catchy, Cool & Very Much Indie

Born Ruffians ‘Needle’ Catchy, Cool & Very Much Indie

We find joy in the fact that our site does not focus on album reviews, but music. Sometimes you can focus so much on the whole that you miss the morsel of goodness that is found in just one song. So let’s put our pitchforks away and celebrate another fine indie sound coming from the Ontario band — Born Ruffians. The lead single off of their third studio album which was released back in April, is catchy, cool and yes plenty enough indie. Today we’re going to do something we have yet to do here at DaysTune, and feature a song from the FlipSide as our song of the day. Usually held for more mainstream music, ‘Needle’ is one of those indie treats that moves between the two without cheating on the other. Similar to Mumford & Son’s and The Lumineers, the Ruffians have created the perfect mix between indie-folk and indie-rock/pop in ‘Needle’.That’s good company to be in as far as we’re concerned.

The official video which was directed by Istoica and James Cooper, shows front man Luke Lalonde making his way through New York City. A thoughtful looking Lalonde strolls along the Brooklyn bridge singing the pondering lyrics “I belong to no one, like the watermelon, Rolling with momentum, Spitting out its seeds, Buried under snow and waiting just to show us How it grows and knows how yummy it will be“. The vocal on this somewhat Irish folk feeling opening is simply pristine. As the video jumps from gentle walks to champagne nights and music fueled venues, so does the song. The sounds of electric guitar and pounding snare within keep the track above the melancholic and remind us the song is about living. The Born Ruffians song ‘Needle’ from their album Birthmarks is our song of the day for August 12th – you will find this post on both our mainstream page and FlipSide. Enjoy!

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