Conor Maynard R U Crazy New Single & Video (Watch)

Conor Maynard R U Crazy New Single & Video (Watch)

Britain’s pop wonder Conor Maynard just dropped his brand new single “R U Crazy” today, along with its official video via his YouTube Channel. Produced by and co-written with Labrinth, this track is crackin from the get go. Out of the gate, you get a vocal similar to a younger, more R&B version of Michael Buble, leading you along with the sound of piano and hand clapping. Thirty five seconds in and your transported to the world of pop, with electronic hip-hop beats and Maynard proving what a difference 12 years makes between him and Timberlake.

The 20 year old pop sensation bounces to the infectious beat of his track in the video while declaring to his cheating lover, “I ain’t your mister, cause I’m breakin up with ya, should uh hooked up with yur sista, here’s my middle finga”. Conor has ownership of this entire track and moves effortlessly from jazz to hip-hop to pop to R&B. It’s one for all of your pop senses and sure to delight awaiting fans, as well as welcome newcomers. I smell a number one on the pop charts in the UK and a damn good chance at hitting the mark high here in the US.

The wait is over and Conor is back with a groove that’s sure to make you move. Enjoy!

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