Fenech-Soler’s Magnetic Is An Easy Pop Crossover

Fenech-Soler’s Magnetic Is An Easy Pop Crossover

This year has seen several bands from different genres producing music that has easily crossed over into the mainstream. Bands who have developed songs in the past with clear distinctions as indie-rock/pop, house, electronic, etc., have released gems which end up being received by the masses. The duo from France known as Daft Punk, may just be the biggest example of this with their worldwide hit, “Get Lucky”. The line is blurring between the two worlds and mainstream music is evolving. We’re okay with that!

Today we are featuring a song by a band categorized (for category sake alone) as Indie-pop, Synthpop and Indietronica. The single, which is from their upcoming album ‘Rituals‘ due out in September, is an easy crossover into mainstream pop. That said, die hard fans of indie don’t have to wash their hands of the group, it swings both directions comfortably. The band, which hales from England, is made up of Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler and Andrew Lindsay, going by the name Fenech-Soler. Their single which we’re lifting into the “Today’s Song” spot for August 14th is “Magnetic”, which was released back in May along with it’s official music video.

The constant throughout this upbeat track is the galloping drumbeat, which holds the song at the line between straight up pop and dance. Mix in the light-clean vocals from Duffy, delaying at just the right points, which increase the EDM feel of this sure fire pop song. You will find yourself bopping your head to this beat, it’s infectious.

The UK band also use their skills producing remixes of other artists work, such as Example, Everything-Everything and Marina & The Diamonds.



Visit The Bands Official Website: Fenech-Soler

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