Lily and Madeleine – Soothe Your Soul With “Back To The River”

Lily and Madeleine – Soothe Your Soul With “Back To The River”

We usually post an upbeat, lighthearted track for the featured song of the day on Friday. We’re looking at the weekend and it’s fun to get people fired up with a cranking pop song. This Friday we’re doing things a little bit differently. The chosen single isn’t upbeat at all, so you won’t be boppin your heads or performing an air-drum solo. With the help of two 16 and 18 year old sisters from Indianapolis, we are hoping to bring a calming to your souls. The song is called “Back To The River” and was released on Asthmatic Kitty Records June 11th from the debut EP The Weight of the Globe by Lily & Madeleine.


Evidently when most female siblings are fighting over who gets to use the family car and who saw the boy first, the Jurkiewicz sisters were developing beautiful Celtic like harmonies. This third track from their debut EP is simply breathtaking, as ethereal voices carry you away to a breezy, daisy covered meadow. With so much production in music today, it’s refreshing to be taken by surprise with a song that is void of dubstep and doctored vocals. In fact we have put an earlier video from last year of Lily & Madeleine performing the song with just the piano. Vocal purity at its best. Happy Friday folks and you’re welcome for those soothed souls! You can purchase the EP now or Pre-Order the self titled debut album by clicking on the cover below.

LiLily & Madeleine Album

Lily & Madeleine – Back To The River (Piano)

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