Lolo Is Not Just ‘That Girl’ From The Miss Jackson Song

Lolo Is Not Just ‘That Girl’ From The Miss Jackson Song

I’ve been saying this about so many artist this year and it continues to be true with the Brooklyn singer/songwriter Lolo; don’t think the person doing the vocal in that collaboration can’t do a solo. One of the summer’s coolest songs (and videos for that matter), Panic! at the Disco’sMiss Jackson“, featured a guest vocal that most likely had you Googling the song to find out who it was. You can tell at first listen, it’s not just some back up singer (no offence to back-up singers) filling in. Lauren Pritchard, whose stage name is Lolo has stepped up her game this year, not only with the Panic! single, but a few fire-starters of her own; our favorites being “Weapon For Saturday” and “Heard It From A Friend”.

If you happen to follow Lolo on Twitter or Instagram then you know she doesn’t usually mince words, and her songs have that same kind of edge (in a good way). Her most recent release “Year Round Summer of Love”, is an in your face, upbeat bluesy pop track with loads of sounds and quick lyrics. It’s definitely a track to be enjoyed. The song to get things started back in July, “Weapon For Saturday” is an Adele-esque, “should be part of a Bond film soundtrack” soul-pop gem. It’s gritty with an awesome hook “I’m the baddest car in the parking lot/hottest gun that the preacher shot/and I always get my way” that makes you want to rewind it to hear it again. If it doesn’t find it’s way into a film or television drama then someones not doing their job.

Lolo I Heard It from A Friend Cover

Included in the trio of releases is the raspy sung “Heard It From A Friend”, my particular favorite. Dialed back compared to the others, with a brooding, methodic piano sound that feels like the heartbeat of its injured singer, as she declares “I heard it from a friend, so when ya going to tell me, you F#!ked me over”. You get all these dark, smokey room visuals in your mind as you listen, and you like it (which I’m sure is twisted in some way).

Each song deserves it’s own post, but since they’ve dropped so close together we’re given you the bundle discount today. Lolo is not just ‘that girl’ from the Panic! at the Disco song, she stands on her own just fine, and hopefully everyone starts realizing it real soon. Oh and by the way, “Miss Jackson” is one bad ass song.





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