Sweet Talker ‘Burn It Up All Night’ (Introducing)

Sweet Talker ‘Burn It Up All Night’ (Introducing)

We’d like to introduce you to the Pheonix, Arizona band Sweet Talker (made up of singer/songwriter Kevin Fisher) and the new single ‘Burn It Up All Night’. Released to SoundCloud just yesterday (Aug 27th), this is a “love at first listen” and one to make us all ask “why isn’t this guy playing on the radio right now”?

It’s hard to find an artist to compare Sweet Talker to vocally and that’s a good thing. With so many young artists out there sounding like Bieber or Timberlake, it’s quite refreshing to come across one that, well…sounds like himself. Written by Kevin and co-produced with Colby Wedgeworth, this classy urban-pop song, will have you bobbing your head to its addictive deep base, electronic swirling effects and sweet vocals. It’s the kind of track you put your ‘Suit & Tie’ on for. It’s Scotch on the rocks, lover in tow and no twerkin aloud.
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We caught up with Sweet Talker recently and ask him to tell us a little more about himself, the single and the future:

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I recently moved from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles in May, and have been working a part time job while writing constantly and trying to get my production chops up. I have been writing and playing music since I was about 17. I was born in Colorado Springs, CO and have since lived in Seattle, Phoenix, and now LA pursuing music.

2) We see you released an EP back in April of this year, is this latest single part of a new record?
I did release an EP in April, although I feel I have grown tremendously and found more of my identity as an artist since I recorded those songs. I am Still fond of them but “Burn It Up All Night” will be apart of a new EP which I hope will lead to a complete record.

3) Tell us about the inspiration behind “Burn It Up All Night”?
The new single is basically about me finding myself through the craziness that life puts in front of us and going with it. When I wrote it, I honestly just wanted to make a song that myself and all my friends could jam to while we hang out. Hopefully fans will experience that same kind of energy when they hear it.

4) What about a video and it being available on iTunes?
No video plans at the moment, but in the future absolutely. The single won’t be available until the full EP comes out. I really want to explore and create a buzz around “Burn It Up All Night” before I release it and the other tracks.

Well we’re buzzing here at DaysTune and hopefully you will be too after hearing Sweet Talker’s new single. For now you can stream it below and at Kevin’s SoundCloud page. This is definitely an artist we’ll be keeping our eye on. Sweet Talker and his new single “Burn It Up All Night” is our song of the day for August 29th. Enjoy!

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