Van Damsel’s “The Sunshine, Girl” Thank You BC!

Van Damsel’s “The Sunshine, Girl” Thank You BC!

Music is always evolving and sometimes that evolution happens with the band themselves. For the British, Columbia band Van Damsel, it seems to have been a rebirth in the right direction. Going from Death Metal to Indie might seem like a big jump, but if their latest single is any indication of the landing, we applaud the transformation. The first single “The Sunshine, Girl”, from their upcoming second indie album Bad faith, sounds as if the four members met surfing on the beaches of California instead of high school in Canada. I don’t know what they sounded like squealing out Metal Death, but this is a sound indie-rock/pop fans can fall in love with.

The single is out now on iTunes, with The Sunshine Girl EP due out September 17th. Lead singer Mark Ste Marie’s vocal at moments is very similar to Jon Foreman of the California based band Switchfoot. “The Sunshine, Girl” is a catchy indie-pop track with a tight sound and summer fun vocals. We also like the twisted end to the official video.

Van Damsel just recently completed the official video for their next release “Communist” which is due out this September. Get your feet wet with this featured song of the day for August 22nd and set your calendars for the next.

The Band:
Richard Bregoliss – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mark Ste Marie – Vocals, Guitar, keyboards
Matthew Rennehan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Matthew Barron – Drums, Backing Vocals

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