Vinyl Records – New Music In An Old Form Equals Fun

Vinyl Records – New Music In An Old Form Equals Fun

My grandmother once told me, “to you it’s an antique, to me it’s an old piece of junk and I’m glad to see it go”. She said this after I had shown amazement at an old item I had come across in her attic. I don’t recall the item all these years later, but I never forgot what she said. The phrase comes back to me whenever I see someone else showing interest in an outdated item; say like a turntable and a vinyl record. I’m old enough to remember records; hell I’m old enough to remember pushing a Jackson Five 8-track into the player. Younger generations always find fascination with the items the previous ones had to use, or as my grandmother would say, had to put up with. The old becomes chic. It makes a person, eclectic and cool. Sometimes it’s just plain fun.

There’s been a resurgence the past few years in vinyl records being sold. Certain bands, mostly of the Indie genre, will turn out a vinyl copy of an entire album or maybe a lead single as a bonus to the CD version. The limited supply usually adds to the hype of the album release. The great thing about a vinyl record in this age of digital downloads and CD’s is that it’s tangible. Yes, you can still purchase a CD with cover art and a plastic case, but the first thing we usually do with that is upload it to our computers and send digital copies to our many electronic devices. After that it’s into the CD tower to collect dust. Music has become something was carry with us, an item unseen and only heard. Records are different and maybe that’s just a piece of what makes them still attractive in the twenty-first century.

One popular trend going on now is the big build-up to album releases. We seem to be inundated at the moment with “teaser” audio and video clips working at peaking our Daft Punk Vinylinterests in the upcoming album. The only difference between then (my generation) and now, is we aren’t lining up at a physical location to get our hands on a ‘hot off the press’ LP. We don’t even open CD’s with the same type of awe that we did with a vinyl record. Today you take the necessary ten minutes to get that damn security tape off, crack the case, pull out the round disc and watch it disappear into your cd player.

The LP had to be handled differently. You didn’t rush the opening for fear you’d scratch a part of the record and make the thing useless. There was time taken to look over the cover art and the information on the back. The record would then be removed gently from its cover, pulled gingerly from its dust protector and held with open palms pressing against its vinyl edge. There was the pause, to take in its glossy black color and etched lines, while lining up the center hole with the peg of the turntable. One quick glance at the back of the jacket, find which track we wanted to hear first, count the lines over from the edge and lower the needle. It was an experience that demanded time and your involvement. Listening to music was a tangible experience.

Swim Deep VinylMaybe this is why bands are turning out vinyl copies today. In a world that rushes everything and turns moments into minutes, there’s a feeling, that we miss so much of what music is about. Whenever something becomes easy, it usually becomes less valued. Beyond that, having a hard copy of a song, that can be handled and looked at makes it so much more interesting. Watching it spin on a 20th century table and emitting the latest indie song from your favorite 21st century band, is fun. If you’ve never had a vinyl I suggest you get one, if anything just for the experience. I mean they are bulky, break easy and scratch quickly – yet at the same time they’re a part of music history. Like my grandmom, I’m glad we’ve moved on to something more convienient, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it from time to time. Just don’t forget, as cool as it is, you can’t carry it with you, so get the download and rock on!


Some bands offering vinyl copies:
Swim Deeps upcoming release, Where the Heaven Are We – Release in August, 2013 on 12″ vinyl, CD and digital download. Limited edition signed vinyl are also to be released featuring a 7″ of two early demos.

The 1975 12” vinyl + CD – Release September 2nd.
Random Access Memories (Vinyl LP) – Out Now
The Civil Wars (2LP + CD) – Release August 6th.
MGMT (Vinyl LP) – Release September 17th.

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