Colby Wedgeworth: Producer Steps Out With “You Are My Drum”

Colby Wedgeworth: Producer Steps Out With “You Are My Drum”

Colby Wedgeworth has been producing records over the years for bands like The Maine, This Century, Lydia, Sweet Talker and more. Like the wizard in OZ, the producer, songwriter and mixer has stepped out from behind the curtain and dropped his own debut single, “You Are My Drum”. Not yet 30 years old, the accomplished producer steps into the roll of pop singer, as if he’s been shooting for this from the beginning. The wide open hook on this upbeat track, causes an instant reaction that involves the rocking of your head and bass pedal motion with your foot, as if you’re pounding out its infectious beat.

Wedgeworth’s vocal on ‘You Are My Drum’ is perfectly pop, with similarities to Adam Levine, Olly Murs and Tyson Ritter (American Rejects). The track is produced with mainstream precision, giving the listener a perfect balance of pounding drumbeats and strumming guitar. I have a feeling this isn’t beginners luck.

We reached out to Colby to ask him about his start, the single and the future.

DaysTune Q&A With Colby Wedgeworth:

You’ve been producing records for several popular indie bands, such as The Maine, This Century and Lydia as well as helping get albums onto the Billboard charts…
1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into producing records?
I grew up playing in bands since I was a young teenager. I was always so interested in the recording process whenever we would go somewhere and record. I started recording my own bands in my bedroom through like a single microphone into my computer mic jack haha. That was about ten years ago. The rest was downhill from there really.

September 5th you released a new single “You Are My Drum” on iTunes…
2) Has your goal always been to eventually be a recording artist yourself?
I wouldn’t say so. I think my goal has always been just to make great music, which I get to do on a daily basis producing other artists’ music. I spend a lot of my creative energy on other artists, so that somewhat satisfies my “artist” side.

A lot of the bands you produce for are alternative/indie rock, where as You Are My Drum is straight up pop…
3) Define yourself musically and tell us about the single?
Colby Wedgeworth DaystuneI’d actually say that my musical taste is very broad. However, even though I don’t claim to be able to dance, I love music that is very rhythmic. Drums was my first instrument growing up, so I think I take a percussive approach to most things. Also, I grew up listening to bands like Third Eye Blind, which I think shaped a lot of the way that I write my melodies.

The single is the first song I’ve written by myself in about two years. I’ve been so busy working with other bands the past two years that I literally just never had time to sit down and do something myself. I had some pretty life changing things happen the last year of my life, so it gave me the urge to finally write something.

4) Is the single part of a larger record to come?
I’m not sure just yet. I could definitely see something like that down the road, but for now I’ll most likely keep writing singles as I have time to do them.

5) Greatest accomplishment as a producer so far?
Hmmm, that’s a tough question. Honestly every project I do feels like a great accomplishment. Taking a song, reshaping it, putting all the work in, and then hearing the final product is an amazing feeling. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get there, but in the end it’s always a huge sense of accomplishment.

6) What do you want people to think when they hear this single; I’m Colby and I can sing too or get ready I’m coming? Haha, neither?
Obviously I hope when someone listens that they like it. This song actually has a pretty deeper meaning for me, so I guess I’d hope that it could strike the same chord for someone else. And if at the least it makes them bop their head up and down, I’m happy.
Colby’s debut single is available on iTunes now. We’ve already featured Sweet Talker and The Maine, today we give you their producer turned artist Colby Wedgeworth and his new song “You Are My Drum”; Our song of the day for September 15th & 16th, 2013.

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