Ebony Day Releases Her New Single & Official Video (Introducing)

Ebony Day Releases Her New Single & Official Video (Introducing)

It’s starting to look as though every young girl in the UK spends their time posting videos to YouTube. This year alone there have been several female singers that have moved into a full time career in music, having started out on the video sharing website. We’re excited about yet another up and comer who found her start on YouTube named Ebony Day and her debut EP The Beginning.

Monday (Sept 2nd) the 20 year old singer released her first official music video for her lead single “Brush You Off My Heart”. Placing it along side the plethora of videos Ebony has uploaded over the last four years, she excitedly posted “WOWOWOWOWOWOW! I cant believe after all these years that i finally have my own EP and my own music video“.


Watching the young singer from Bournemouth,Uk in her videos, you quickly discover how genuine and dedicated to her fans she is. Having claimed Justin Bieber as her inspiration, Day exemplifies the same type of connection with her fans, that seems to come from knowing they were with you from the get go. Another thing that Day shares with the boy wonder is winning MTV’s Brand New, Ebony claimed the prize for 2013 and happened to be the first ever unsigned artist to win.
Her lead track “Brush You Off My Heart” is a light heart’d pop song, that feels similar to a Taylor Swift single, only without the underlying “I hate this guy for breaking my heart, so I’m going to write a song to destroy him” thing going on. In fact all of the four songs on her soon to be released debut EP have the same catchy, sweet pop sound.

You can pre-order The Beginning EP now from iTunes and find out more about Ebony Day using the links below. Enjoy our featured song of the day for September 8th, 2013.

Visit Ebony Day: Twitter // Facebook // Official

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