Lawson’s Juliet Video Had Some Much Needed Support

Lawson’s Juliet Video Had Some Much Needed Support

The title? I know, but what did you expect after watching Lawson’s new video for their single Juliet, which features the voluptuous Kelly Brook. I mean the guys even had a hard time getting it out on September 1st, sighting “technical” difficulties. It all worked out in the end and the powers that be rose to the occasion and delivered the much anticipated video the next day. It’s a good thing they had some extra support hanging around. I mean that’s quite a pair. You know, Lawson and Kelly Brook. Geesh, come on people!

Ok, enough with the cute puns and onto why this track has the featured song of the day spot for September 3rd. Well, Two BIG reasons…sorry. What do we have to say really, their previous single which we posted back on June 30th “Brokenhearted”, went to #6 on the UK Singles Top 75 chart and “Juliet” is packing just as big a punch. The four member British Pop band fill their latest track with driving guitar sounds and a perfectly placed double drum thump that makes you go, “Yeah”!


We’re excited here in the US to hear that Lawson will be releasing a US album sometime in September, which according to Adam Pitts, will have six to seven extra songs with it. With their debut album Chapman Square reaching into the top 5 in the UK album chart and putting out several top ten singles, Lawson have an excellent chance of hitting it off in the States as well. Just please guys, don’t let them re-do the video.

Go Listen to Lawson’s previous hit “Brokenhearted” – Go See.

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