Lorde’s New Single ‘Team’ Is Her Version Of Pop Honesty

Lorde’s New Single ‘Team’ Is Her Version Of Pop Honesty

While Perry, Gaga and every other major pop star are caught up in drawn out, slow releases of their new music, the somewhat mysterious 16 year old pop singer from New Zealand Lorde, is quietly taking her music up the charts. Last month the indie-pop singer/songwriter was the first women to top the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in seventeen years. At the time of this post, she is still sitting at #1, while the single takes aim from the #3 spot at Katy Perry on the Hot 100. Like so many young artists before her, Lorde comes to pop with an attitude. It’s present in her videos, lyrics and her lack of desire to share everything about herself in interviews.

As her song “Royals” moves into position to top another chart, the singer released a new track from her upcoming debut album Pure Heroine titled, “Team”. The single moves along with the similar drumbeat and pause pattern, found in her previous releases “Royals” and “Tennis Court”, except with a more indie feel than pop. The lyrics are thought provoking with the songwriter making reference to the fact that, we all don’t come from the glamorous places usually referenced in pop songs. I’m reminded of a young Canadian that burst onto the scene years back with a healthy dose of pop rebellion, Alanis Morissette. We’ll have to wait and see if those feelings remain, once she’s become a star.

Either way, “Team” draws us all in with increased anticipation for September 30th, when her debut album drops. Everyone loves a rebel and Lorde is definitely trying to bring her version of honesty to pop. Hopefully, she can hold tough when the world comes a calling.

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