New Cold Play Song From Hunger Games Soundtrack (Listen)

New Cold Play Song From Hunger Games Soundtrack (Listen)

You’ll have to wait until November for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire motion picture, but the lead single off of the soundtrack is out today. ‘Atlas’ by the British rock band Cold Play was released today via an official lyric video on YouTube and for purchase on iTunes. You almost have to envision this track playing during the movie to really appreciate it.  Martin takes his time with a subtle vocal and soft piano play, slowly building into a somewhat reserved climactic ending. If you’re a fan of the film, then you can tell the band did a good job of instilling in the song, the general personality of the film. Hunger Games is not a “Rocky” style of movie with grandiose fight scenes and I think in that mind set, Cold Play has served the film well with “Atlas”.

Cold Play Atlas Cover

It’s good to have the boys back with a new song, even if it is for a movie soundtrack. Now, we just have to wait for the film!

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