Small Black’s ‘Breathless’ Video Releases

Small Black’s ‘Breathless’ Video Releases

Brooklyn’s indie pop band Small Black, released the official video for their #5 track “Breathless” this week, off of their album Limits of Desire. ‘Limits’ came out back in May of this year and was the bands attempt to produce a more polished, sophisticate sound. That they did and songs like “Breathless” are being added to the list of reason, why main-streamers should take notice of music outside their existing genres.

Small Black are mastering the genre of synth/dream-pop in a way that makes it worthy to cross over into the mainstream. Much the same way bands like Crystal Fighters did this year with their single “Wave”. No, not every song should spin on the top 40 and I think we all know that. Like French Cuisine, most of the time you have to have a pallet for it, until the Crème Brûlée comes out and everybody’s in. ‘Breathless’ gives you those drawn out, dreamy-pop style vocals with just enough electric-beats to give it a free pass to Pop.

The video directed by Nick Bentgen moves through scenes of teens facing different situations, where they struggle with the question of should I or shouldn’t I. Are these visual metaphors to challenge what we’ve been taught is “the smart thing to do”? One girl looks over the edge of a cliff at the water below appearing to question the jump, only to come up smiling. Boys leap over the flames of a fire and a young teen of color ponders love across racial lines. Lyrically and visually its a winner.

Limits of Desire available now on iTunes – Visit.

Photo/Video: YouTube.

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