Survivors Malcolm Freberg Picks Our Song of The Day

Survivors Malcolm Freberg Picks Our Song of The Day

As the new season of Survivor prepares to begin next week, we thought it would be cool to reach out to someone who knows a thing or two about the famous reality game, and ask them to help pick our song of the day. So, we gathered our tribe here together and waited as each member put the name of their favorite contestant in the jar. Amidst the gleam of our fluorescent lights, we listened as the names were read: Malcolm, Malcolm, Phillip (Shock! WTF! lots of looking around),Malcolm…(Waiting)…(where is that drumbeat coming from)…(Waiting)…”Oh, come on!’ – The winner of our DaysTune guest feature is, Malcolm Freberg.

Now, of course the real winners here are you and I. You never know how guests are going to respond to our six little questions, but the fan favorite didn’t let us down. He’s picked a great song and took time to give us what will probably go down as the best Q&A here ever.

Malcolm Freberg Picks Today’s Song For September 13th

Song Choice: “Thunder Clatter” by Wild Club

1) Tell us why you picked this song to feature today?
I chose this song for purely selfish reasons: I have a really cool story about how I discovered the band, and I’ll look really cool when they blow up huge and I can point to this article and be all like, “Oh yea, I totes was into them back before they made it big and sold out.”

So story first: I was in Nashville visiting my little brother. We’d gone to the Basement to see a few shows, drink cheap Tecate, and have a generally mellow evening. But at one point we’d stepped outside and chatted up the bouncer, who told us he was closing a show at another venue late night. We got the address for the place off him, and headed over after closing drinking establishment #1.

Malcom Picks Song For DaysTuneOur cab pulls up to the address of drinking establishment #2 around 1:30am, and we damn near just kept driving — the building looked like an abandoned home, the sort of place you see on an episode of ‘Cops’. But there were a few people milling about out front and we had some liquid courage pumping through our systems, so we timidly walked up and checked it out. After navigating multiple buildings, a yard party complete with a grill and cornhole, and descending some beer-sticky steps into a basement, we discovered the aptly named Nashville Underground, and Wild Cub was in the middle of their set.

They killed. The lead, Keegan Dewitt, has charisma for days, and the energy in the room was tangible. After having listened to Broadway honkey tonk and amateur rockers all weekend, it was clear we’d stumbled upon something special. Knowing I’d drank too much to remember the name of the band the next day, I borrowed a pen from the bartender and scrawled ‘Wild Cub’ barely legibly on my hand, downloaded their album the next day, and they’ve been a staple in my playlists ever since. (Side note: we did stay for the bouncer’s closing act. For a minute. It wasn’t pretty.)

Thunder Clatter is upbeat and fun and [insert other descriptive adjectives about track here], but the real reason I love it is the writing. It’s a story – the structure keeps you in limbo early, the lyrics lead you to believe something’s coming but keeps you waiting. You spend the first four minutes wondering if it’s going to happen, and it closes so strong and happy and exactly what you hoped for that you can’t help but bounce your head along with them.

As fans of Survivor, when we hear the theme song come over the TV, of course we get excited…
2) What happens to you when you hear the Survivor theme song now after back to back seasons?
For the past year I’ve usually been at viewing parties when that song starts coming out the TV speakers, in social settings with large groups of people. But much like Derek Zoolander, I’ve become conditioned to act a certain way when that god-forsaken tune starts playing. I start hording beer and finger food. I become suspicious of every conversation around me. I dig in trashcans for idols. I collect all the wooden furniture and stack it in a safe, dry place. I take off my shirt. I poop behind potted plants and use said plant’s leaves to wipe. It’s at this point I’m usually asked to leave the party.

Survivor ruins lives.

3) Tell us about music in your house growing up?
I was born in Texas and raised in Georgia, and 90% of what I was exposed to was country. I never got to control the car radio or the house stereo – Mom was in charge, and Mom needed her Garth Brooks fix. To this day I still slip into phases where I’ll get nostalgic and throw the local country station on the radio and listen to nothing else for a week or two.

That being said, I have a few rebellious bones in my body, and the first CD I ever bought was Blink 182 ‘Enemy of the State’. I’d been expressly forbidden from owning such garbage by the parental units, so I could only listen to it at night on my headphones. And while I’d like to claim it was an expression of independent musical preference on my part, the fact is I was a pubescent boy when that came out, and there was a half-naked nurse on the cover…

Malcolm Picks Days Song for DaysTune4) If you were stranded on a deserted island (not voluntarily) and could have only one song to listen to, what would it be? Why?
Lullaby – Shawn Mullins. I’m already embarrassed by this gut reaction on my part, but I’m sticking with it. The soothing tones of 90’s rock reminding me that everyyyyything is going to be alllllll right may just keep me sane enough long enough to be rescued.

Lets pretend that your blog ‘Whiskey and Ninja Turtles’ just got picked up for syndication…
5) What’s Malcolm’s celebration song?
If somebody decides is worthy of mass syndication, Armageddon is upon us. The only appropriate song to celebrate the end of the world is Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols.

In your Survivor bio you listed “Exercising, Writing/Reading and Partying” as your hobbies.
6) Give us your idea of the perfect song for each?
Exercising: You’re the Best – Joe Esposito

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping to push through an extra set at the gym like the soundtrack to Karate Kid. This track serves dual purposes: affirming my reckless self-confidence, and reminding me that if I don’t defeat the Cobra Kai, who will?

Writing/Reading: Derezzed – Daft Punk

Really anything from the ‘Tron’ soundtrack qualifies here. When focusing on words, either reading them or writing them, I can’t have lyrics in my head or my A.D.D. takes a machete to my train of thought, so synthy instrumentals are my favorite. Plus the way Daft Punk fully embodies their image, their total dedication to being otherworldly ‘robots’, is brilliant.

Partying: Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Before you revoke my man card, hear me out…

I did two seasons of Survivor back-to-back and only had two weeks off in between games. During that brief respite I wanted total privacy, so all I did was eat greasy delivery food, drink too much beer, and sit in my underwear playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. With so little time off I couldn’t re-enter my normal life, so I fell into some gross habits and isolated myself from the world for a fortnight.

It was the night before we were leaving for my second season. I was packing my bags while working through the last bottle of rum I may see for 39 days, and I remembered that I needed to charge my iPod (I use the term ‘my’ loosely; it was a neon-pink iPod mini I’d swiped from my ex-girlfriend) for the plane. I plugged it into my computer and decided that I should add a few new songs before leaving. But because I’d just been gone for two months I had no idea what was currently cool, I simply went to the iTunes store and bought the top 5 most popular songs, and #1 at the time was Call Me Maybe.

Fast-forward a month. Survivor: Caramoan hadn’t gone quite as I’d planned, and I ended up out of the game with nine days left. Once you are on the Jury (the group of contestants voted out near the end of the game who eventually decide the winner) you are all sequestered together in a resort until the game ends. It’s basically a paid vacation courtesy of CBS – we had a big screen TV, video games, a pool, table tennis, cards, volleyball, karaoke, board games, a blender, and an endless supply of my beloved rum.

It’s hard to be in a bad mood with all that merriment around you, so spirits were constantly high. And after a few peanut butter-banana-cinnamon-rum milkshakes – usually about 1:00pm — I’d commandeer the speaker system with my iPod and DJ the daily party. And when you’ve been drinking peanut butter-banana-cinnamon-rum milkshakes all morning, it makes total sense to play Carly Rae Jepsen twenty times a day.

Call Me Maybe became the theme song of the Caramoan. Any time something joyful or important was happening – volleyball games about to start, leaving for Tribal Council, Phillip not being around – I’d run to my iPod and play that song and everyone would sing it like idiots at the top of their lungs. In hindsight I’m sure it was obnoxious as hell to some in attendance and I apologize to those affected, but Call Me Maybe will always be associated in my mind with the week-long hedonistic party that was Survivor Jury duty.

…and now that I’ve shared that story, I realize there is still no excuse for choosing that song. I surrender my man card voluntarily.
We want to thank Malcolm for being our guest here at DaysTune. Be sure and check out his Whiskey and Ninja Turtles blog, you won’t be disappointed. We always knew if we needed a fire started, shelter built or a challenge won involving super feats of strength (all while looking like the coolest pirate ever) we could call on Malcolm – now we know he can pick a killer song when needed as well. Enjoy today’s song “Thunder Clatter” by Wild Club. Thank you Freberg!

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