Usain Bolt Picks Our Song Of The Day – “One Love”

Usain Bolt Picks Our Song Of The Day – “One Love”

When it comes to great moments in sports history, we all have are own favorites. I have two and they both involve track and the Olympics. As a young boy I watched on TV, as Bruce Jenner competed and won the decathlon during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. That image created in me and young children across our nation at the time, the desire to be a winner.

Nothing came close to that event until 32 years later, when I watched Usain Bolt approach the finish line during the 100m final, at the Beijing Games in 2008. Far ahead of the pack, the young Jamaican sprinter stretched out his arms as if to say, “where is the competition”? That stride, that lead and of course that superstar personality, made it one of the great moments in track history. He was then and still is today, the fastest man in the world.

Bolt 200mThis past August, Usain Bolt added 3 more gold medals to his collection, during the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Moscow, making him the most decorated sprinter in world championship history. He recently told the press that he plans to retire from track following the 2016 games. This month he released his new autobiography Usain Bolt:Faster than Lightning: My Autobiography. Those headphones he wears during warm up, are his own Usain Bolt edition ©Souls by Ludacris. He is an avid Manchester United fan and occasionally even takes the controls as DJ.

I wondered what the fastest man in the world would pick as our song of the day if he could; So I asked him.

Usain Bolt Picks Our Song Of The Day For September 20th

Song Choice: “One Love” by Bob Marley

Usain Bolt Gets Chilly Leaving His NYC Hotel1) Tell us why you picked this song to feature today?
“It’s my anthem song. Almost a message to the world that all we need is love”.

2) What was music like in your home growing up?
“Alot of Bob Marley and Reggae music..Music has been in my DNA growing up since forever”.

Let’s pretend its 2016, you’ve retired from track and you get a call from Man Utd. to play professionally…
3) What is Usain Bolts favorite celebration song and what do you do when it plays?
“Black Eye Peas – “Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night”.. Its just my party song and makes me dance”.

Everything about your life up to this point has been about going fast…
4) What does the fastest man in the world do when he wants to slow down (I mean relax, no one wants you to slow down!)?
“I go to my parents home in the rural area to relax and just chill with my friends and family away from the hectic life of the city”.

Most of the time you’re running around ‘tracks’ and breaking ‘records”, but you’ve been known to guest DJ before…
5) Be our DJ for today and give us your top 3 tracks from your favorite records (One for each gold won in Moscow last month).
Drake – “Started From The Bottom”
JayZ (ft Linkin Park) – “Encore”
Busy Signal (ft Major Lazer) – “Watch Out For This”

Usain Bolt At The Boutique Club In Melbourne (USA ONLY)

I’m sure Usain will be watching his Red Devils battle it out this weekend against their fellow rivals Man City. It won’t be long before he’s back to a starting line ready to dominate. He is a man that is driven to succeed and be the best at what he does. We’re just glad he slowed down long enough to share a little bit with us about music and of course, a song. Enjoy our track of the day for September 20th from the fastest man alive – Usain Bolt. (Scroll photo gallery below).

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