CliffLight’s “Powerlines” Is a Grown Man’s Dubstep

CliffLight’s “Powerlines” Is a Grown Man’s Dubstep

There’s a certain stero-type that goes along with EDM and Dubstep. I’m not going to write what that is, I’ll just believe you know what I’m talking about. Seldom do you get a group to mix edgy, soulful lyrics that are found mostly on indie records, with a jamming dubstep; until now. Boston five piece CliffLight, have created one such manly track on their recently released debut EP, Tryst, titled “Powerlines”.

At first glance one would think this was just another rough around the edges indie group. Click play on “Powerlines” and you find yourself rocking back and forth, before throwing your head forward when the dubstep drops and Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd belts out “Come on Home / Say You Belong“.

CliffLight Tryst EP

Lead singer Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd pours intensity, emotion and soul into his bluesy vocals, which are only enhanced by the tracks pauses and dropped beats. It definitely has the feel of mainstream possibilities, which is why we didn’t post it on the FlipSide today. Instead, it’s found the featured song spot for October 20th, 2013.

‘Powerlines’ is a pure, all out jam worthy of leather, city lights and groovin on the terrace. It’s a grown man’s dubstep and we think worthy of your notice.

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