Girls United Release New Video “Pink Champagne” After X-Factor Exit

Girls United Release New Video “Pink Champagne” After X-Factor Exit

Girls United are finding out just how hard the music industry can be, after being booted from Season 3 of The X-Factor USA by Simon Cowell. Even though the music mogul had no trouble telling the girls to sit down on those precious white couches, he also didn’t take to long to decide to ask them to get out of them either. For now, it looks like their journey on the music competition is over, unless they bring them back in some wild-card event.

Nichole Cordova brought the three girls together after her previous group “Girlicious” disbanded. The trio of Alex, Candi, and Nichole are not going to let this little set back stop their endeavors. On Wednesday October 9th, Girls United released their video cover of Ariana Grande’s song, ‘Pink Champagne’ on YouTube. With the harmony and style of The Spice Girls and Little Mix, they may just give Cowell a reason to doubt his decision after all.

Girls United Release New Video Pink Champagne After X-Factor Exit

The video, directed by Don Tyler, who has directed for The Backstreet Boys is a quality introduction to the new group . Similar to Little Mixe’s “How Ya Doin?”, there is lots of color, dancing and a little help getting to know whose who. You’ve got pretty women, great harmony and the kind of pop music that sells records. I don’t know…sounds like the X-Factor to me. So, we’re going to give Girls United a shout out and feature their new release as our song of the day for October 13th, 2013.

Girls United are currently working on their debut EP.

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