Hey Lady Luck by Michel Cleis (Big Panda Video)

Hey Lady Luck by Michel Cleis (Big Panda Video)

©Michel Cleis Facebook

©Michel Cleis Facebook

This year has seen some interesting music filtering into the mainstream. Electronic and produced music is finding a pretty strong foothold in the pop scene right now. Daft Punk blew us away with “Get Lucky” early summer, while producers Zedd and Rudimental topped the charts using guest vocals. I was asked to feature a certain song about a “Fox” some time back that I chose to pass on rather quickly. Who knew that damn thing would become such a hot topic here at the end of summer! Either way, the door has been left open and the usual’s aren’t the only ones coming in.

As I try to sound like a pure music connoisseur by dissing the “What Does The Fox Say” song above, my consceouness won’t allow me to keep from mentioning that I discovered today’s artist, after noticing a life size Panda in the music video. That said, my purpose in watching this, was to walk away with my hands up in the air shouting, “What has the music industry comet to“! Instead, I had stumbled upon Michel Cleis from Switzerland and his smooth, Latin infused track “Hey Lady Luck”. The panda was just for fun after all.

Michel Cleis, who started out wanting to be a baker as a child, went on instead to become a practicing psychologist. Following a surgery that had him out of commission for some time, he began to fool around with his record collection and a sampler. Guess what? He ended up discovering a natural talent to turn out infectious electronic music. Like the one we’re featuring as our song of the day today for October 7th, 2013.
Everything about this track is smooth. The mix of tropical sounds, Latin rhythms and a cool vocal delivery, by English musician Liam Baily, makes for an enjoyable ride all the way through. The video has a panda, but my mind is at a Caribbean outdoor nightclub mixing it up right. How about we get this thing trending and get rid of that damn fox!

Visit Michel Cleis: Facebook
Liam Bailey: Official


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