Jake Bugg New Single “What Doesn’t Kill You” Rocks!

Jake Bugg New Single “What Doesn’t Kill You” Rocks!

Jake Bugg, the English born singer/songwriter has just released his first single “What Doesn’t Kill You” from his upcoming sophmore album “Shangri La“. The record is due out November 8th and its first release is a hard hitting, fast paced, UK indie-rock song. The track dropped on Monday Septebmer 23rd and was heard in the UK on the BBC Radio 1. Along with the single came the video, which features Jake speaking in LA about the new album and it’s lead track. In fact, the album’s name comes from the name of Rick Rubin’s Studio in Malibu, California.

Jake’s vocal on the new track feels like a mix of Miles kane and Cage The Elephant. Just another reason to understand why he’s a number one selling artist in the UK. He’s versatile and can drop a song like “Broken” with as much control and uniquness as he does here with “What Doesn’t Kill You”. He’s going to be around for a long time.

Those in the US have probably been hearing an earlier single by Jake Bugg called “Lightning Bolt”, playing on stations like Sirius 20 on 20 here in the states recently. That track was originally dropped in the UK back in 2012. It was released here in March of 2013. There is a quality to this young man that makes his music timeless and unique. Enjoy our song of the day for October 1st, 2013.

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