James Blunt Has Balls and A New Album On The Way

James Blunt Has Balls and A New Album On The Way

Back in July we posted a piece about the backlash that James Blunt had gotten on Twitter, following an email promotion being sent to just about the whole of the UK. We were quite surprised at the kind of banter that was popping up on the social outlet. One thing we did discover, the English are not to shy to tell their own what they think about their music. This must be where Simon Cowell gets it.

James Blunt Moon Landing

Sometimes people can turn on an artist after a hit song, that leads to sudden fame. I thought hit songs meant people liked your music. I also happen to equate fans buying your records, as a fair marker on how they feel about you as an artist. It’s not like we were being forced to download “You’re Beautiful” back in 2004. That’s right, it was nine years ago. Looking at the accounts of some of the “Trolls” on Twitter, I can’t help but wonder if Blunt’s music was on their playlist at the time or the recent Barney release.

Blunt told the English news site The Mirror this weekend concerning the Twitter backlash, “I’ll read comments on Twitter which are often quite negative but there seems to be this security in people’s bedrooms where it’s OK to write such aggressive things behind their computers screens.

“But the moment you look someone in the eye and confront them, they usually say, ‘Oh s***, I’m so sorry’ I don’t mean any of it’. They just want to be part of the pack. But it doesn’t seem to bother me. Actually I quite enjoy looking for that one really funny and horrific comment to re-tweet.”

James Blunt has balls! Proving to have both a backbone and a sense of humor, the singer recently responded to a couple not so nice comments. We love the response to @laurenlyall on October 15th:

Another user @MigsterMMA got a surprise when the singer retweeted:

James Blunt is set to release his fourth studio album this November titled, Moon Landing. Written in the US at his friend Carrie Fisher’s house, it’s the first record since 2010. His first single “Bonfire Heart”, is presently at #4 on the UK Singles Chart, with the official video at over 4 million views. We usually call this a success…oh, wait, it is! kudos James.

All of you haters need to be honest and admit that you not only bought James Blunts music back in the day, you still know every word. We’re glad he’s back and in the charts again. A good rule of thumb that we follow here at DaysTune is this; if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself and go find what you do. Enjoy Blunts “Bonfire Heart” video above and his “Satellites” video below.

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