My First Time With Ed Sheeran and Lego House

My First Time With Ed Sheeran and Lego House

There are those special artists that come across your path with such uniqueness, that you can remember the very day you discovered them for yourself. I’m proud to say that Taylor Swift came in a slow second in finding out who this cool red head was, by five months to me. I had sat down to the computer and started the usual ‘new music’ search across the world wide web, clicking stop on more videos than I allowed to play. Things were looking rather dim for that days internet hike, when suddenly I was forced to stop dead in my tracks and take notice of the video that had just been uploaded a few days before, on October 20th, 2011.

My first time with Ed Sheeran

Leaning forward for a closer look and hitting pause, I said to myself, “Wait…is that?” I was sure it was him after just four seconds in, I mean this guy had become like a family friend after all these years, and we all knew him be name. In fact we had just lined up at the local cinema to watch the blockbuster film he had played in. There’s no mistaking I thought to myself.

lego house rupert grint

I watched as he made his way down a long corridor and the video breaks to a crowd of screaming fans. I’m starting to wonder, “is this for real?”. Then at 14 seconds in, the camera moves from the rear to the front, the music begins to play and there he is…Rupert Grint! “Holy S**t” I thought reservedly to myself. I quickly hit pause and shouted through the house for those close by to come and assemble around the monitor. “Guess whose singing now?” I questioned as I sat back down, proud that I had discovered this amazing find.

After those around had gathered, I slid the counter back and played it from the beginning. Everyone taking a gasp at the same moment that I had, upon seeing the star of the Harry Potter films Rupert Grint, as he started to sing this really cool song. It was incredible to say the least. Goosebumps ran up our arms as we tried to take it all in. When it got to the part where Grint leans back while walking the path to belt out “Raging ooooooon now“, we all cried out “YEAH!”. This is so amazing, who knew he could sing. We didn’t have to worry about what he was going to do now that the movies had come to an end. Daniel would play nude scenes with horses, Emma would model and ole Rupert would become a world wide sensation in music.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter

The excitement was so overwhelming and at the same time I kept saying what a great song this is. I mean, this thing could be a hit. There were scenes of him even writing it, “WTF” he writes too? A tour bus, screaming fans…we laughed at the peculiar scenes, it was a good day.

Then at one minute and fifty-five seconds things turned dark and confusing. The famous red head drops his lego helicopter and dons a rather angry look on his face. “What’s he doing?”. Did we make a mistake? We waited and then our fears were relieved – entering the stage the fans began to scream and we smiled again thinking, “this is so cool”.

The next thing to happen has now become one of our favorite parts of any music video we’ve ever seen. It’s when the curtain is pulled back and the real singer is unveiled. Rupert is tackled by guards and taken away. We had just been punked by a red head from the UK we had never even heard of; Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran Is World Famous Now

From that first encounter with the Framlingham, Suffolk raised singer/songwriter till now, Ed Sheeran has done nothing but continue to amaze. When your first time with someone is that memorable, you don’t quickly forget them. It took a little while for his music to cross the pond and eventually end up here in the US, but we had the best time ever that day searching and listening to everything he had ever published. Sure those in the UK had already experienced him with his recent release “A Team”, yes we were a little behind…but we beat Swift!

Just in case you’ve lived in the dark for the past two years – Watch “Lego House” video below:

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By: W.A.Andres

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