The Fray Are Back! With New Single “Love Don’t Die” (Listen)

The Fray Are Back! With New Single “Love Don’t Die” (Listen)

The band that will forever have their biggest hit to date associated with Grey’s Anatomy, The Fray, are back with a hot new single called “Love Don’t Die”. Nothing like the piano ballad “How To Save A Life”, which became popular after being used back in 2006 on the hit tv show, this track has guts.

When this folksy rock song gets cranking, everything from the drums, clapping and even the guitar, start marching out its head boppin beat. If you’ve been waiting for The Fray to do it again, your ship has arrived in their brand new single “Love Don’t Die”.

The new song is off of their upcoming fourth studio album, which is expected to drop before the end of the year. If this is any indication of what direction the band has gone for their new record, we have something to get excited about. Issac Slade sinks some serious grit and emotion into the songs lyrics, which are sure to elicit goosebumps with lines like “You can try to keep it down / six feet in the ground / but love don’t die“.

We’ll be expecting one hell of a video, this song deserves it. “Love Don’t Die” is available on iTunes October 21st.

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