Thirty Seconds To Mars “City Of Angels” Short Film – Music Video

Thirty Seconds To Mars “City Of Angels” Short Film – Music Video

The American alternative rock band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, released the official video (Short Film) for its latest track “City of Angels” to YouTube today. Directed by Leto himself, it includes some of LA’s famous; Alan Cumming, Ashley Olsen, Corey Feldman, James Franco, Juliette Lewis, Kanye West, Lily Collins, Lindsay Lohan, Olivia Wilde, Selena Gomez, Shaun White, Steve Nash and Zoey Deutch. The singer/actor also hired a Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Superman impersonator, along with some homeless people.

During the bands performance of the track “City of Angels”, off of the bands fourth studio album Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, which dropped on July 30th, 2013, the guests take moments to share what LA means to them. There are some sad stories within the film and it does a good job to show the dichotomy of LA being a place where seekers “make it” and at times become something they never wanted to be.

Written by Jared Leto, “City of Angels” is the fourth track on their latest record and has since peaked at #10 on the Billboards Alternative Songs Chart. The song pays homage to the Leto brothers mom’s decision, to leave Bossier City, Louisiana when they were little and head to California for a better life. There are some special candid moments with Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan, that we really enjoy.

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