Australian Singer Gossling Drops New Track ‘That Feeling’

Australian Singer Gossling Drops New Track ‘That Feeling’

There’s something brewing down under this year, with several new artists entering the pop scene from both Australia and New Zealand. They’re coming with unique vocals and musical styles that a few years ago would not find their way into the mainstream. That’s good news for singer/songwriters that have up to now not released records palatable for the general listening public. Australian singer Helen Croome, who performs under Gossling, after releasing a few EP’s is now ready to make her mark with her debut album.

We could have chosen more than a few songs off of the new Harvest Of Gold LP, released November 1st as a featured song of the day. It was the recently released to Soundcloud track “That Feeling”, with its marching rhythm, Croome’s unique vocal and one catchy hook that captured our fancy the most. Within the Melbourne singers voice there a several different unique flavors that make the whole it’s own. At a time when the ‘different’ is in, Gossling has a good chance of reaching a much larger crowd with her debut.

Gossling’s four membered band have delivered a gem of a pop track in “That Feeling”, with Helen Croome’s voice captivating and pulling you in for one fun ride. We’ll be visiting the Australian again for sure, but today we’re featuring this latest release as our song of the day for November 7th, 2013.

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