Eminem Goes Max Headroom In Rap God Video (Explicit)

Eminem Goes Max Headroom In Rap God Video (Explicit)

Stand in awe of the greatest rapper of all time, in Eminem’s official video for his latest track ‘Rap God’. What must go through the minds of young up and coming rappers, when they see this 41 year old man dropping rhymes at the speed of light. From having a library of information transfered to his brain, to an ‘8 Mile’ type MC battle, to walking on water, the Detroit wonder relishes in the reality of his skills.

Off of his The Marshall Mathers LP2, ‘Rap God’ visits more topics than you can process in just one listen, from his past, longevity, critics and more. Being dressed up as the 1980’s MTV character Max Headroom alone, enforces the idea that he has been around for a long time. Once unplugged from the cable which he is tethered to while seated, Eminem sends his rap into warp speed. Like him or not, it is moments like this that put the listener and viewer in awe. Just like his Twitter account – he follows no one.

Photo: ©Eminem Facebook

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