George Barnett Does It All In “Animal Keeper” and He Jumps Real High!

George Barnett Does It All In “Animal Keeper” and He Jumps Real High!

These kids nowadays, you give’em a room fool of instruments, video equipment, mixers and before you know it, they’ve learned to play them all, write their own songs, produce their own music videos and jump really high. Well, okay that’s not true for most, but it is when you’re talking about 19 year old George Barnett from Herefordshire, UK. If you haven’t already heard or seen him, today is your lucky day.

Starting at the age of three on the piano, Barnett can play drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, keyboards and sampler (that’s all we know of). He writes his own music, has produced his own music videos and of course sings – damn well we might add. If you watch him, you will instantly notice his intensity and focus. There is nothing being done here half-cocked. Both musically and lyrically, everything has meaning and a purpose.

A fan of hip-hop and pop, George declares himself a fan of Kanye West and Justin Timberlake. It shows in his music, where he mixes engaging lyrics (Animal Keeper) and dark beats, with upbeat electronic pop sounds and amazing big choruses (Reflection). Go back to his studio album, 17 Days and you’ll be captivated by his versatility on our favorite track “Bewitched” and “Lone Rose”. He makes you feel like you’re listening to a veteran – not an up and comer.

George Barnett’s new Animal Keeper EP is available everywhere on November 10th. His album 17 Days (2012) can be purchased via iTunes and streamed in its entirety at Bandcamp. We thought it best to include more than one video for you to get the whole spectrum of this multi-talented artist. At the top is Animal Keeper from his new EP. In the middle one of our favorites, “Bewitched” from his previous studio album. Below a video that has garnered over 8 million views, with Barnett performing Daft Punk’s hit, “Get Lucky”. One last thing, see if you’re not impressed with how high this guy jumps!

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