Hot Chelle Rae Release New Song “Recklessly” With Live Video Clips

Hot Chelle Rae Release New Song “Recklessly” With Live Video Clips

The Nashville Pop band Hot Chelle Rae, released a special new song for their fans, from next years new album (Not Yet Titled). The song “Recklessly” was released this week, via a video of live clips of this years concerts from around the world. The single is not the “official” lead single to drop in the first part of 2014, but will be included on the new record.

On October 31st, the band had some sad news to share with their fans concerning the departure of bass player Ian Keaggy. Explaining his decision, a letter to fans stated that Ian “decided to leave the band in order to pursue some of his other passions” and that “We’ve taken HCR from a barn, to traveling the world, to where we are today … and couldn’t have done it without him“. As a way of saying thank you for their support in the past and giving a little proof that they are no way close to being done, HCR dropped the rocking pop track “Recklessly”.

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