Lance Bass Reveals New Solo Project With New Single

Lance Bass Reveals New Solo Project With New Single

‘N Sync ( may not be making a comeback (those few minutes at the VMAs were so amazing!), but that doesn’t mean boybander Lance Bass ( leaving music.

The 34-year-old singer revealed on Instagram today that he’s been working on a new solo project, and just finished his first debut single, “Here’s the big news! THIS just happened last night! My debut single is done! I will reveal all on today’s show at 6pm east Sirius XM 109 ( and yes that’s how a bass singer hits high notes , on his toes).”

Lucky for you, executive producer of the project Marc Schaffel gave E! News the exclusive details on Bass’ return to music.

Schaffel shares that Bass has teamed up with Australian recording artist and DJ/producer Anise K and producer KC Porter for his debut dance pop song,” Walking on Air”, which will be released around the first week of January.

“While listeners from around the world will have the option to hear the various versions and pick their favorites to download from iTunes, whether it is a version that features a well known local artist from their part of the world or one from a different part of the world,” Schaffel said.

“The first release of the song with Anise K, who is from Australia, Bella Blue from the USA and featuring Snoop Dogg (, was in Australia several months ago and has topped charts and even expanded beyond Australia, in places like Russia to become a number one song because the power of the Internet. This gave me the idea after several countries invited Anise for Live performance and asked if local artist could perform the song with him.”

In fact, you may have already heard part of the track. The song was recently used in a major opening segment for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

“Lance is the featured artist on the entire project for rest the world, and he will be spearheading it, and we are incredible honored that he chose this project and concept to be his first solo release,” producer Anise K. said. “Lance Bass was so talented and incredible to work with, I can’t wait for the public to hear him like they have never heard him before.”

Schaffel adds that the team will be finishing Lance’s music video for the single sometime this week.

Source: E!Entertainment

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