Passenger Sings His Sad New Song “Riding To New York”

Passenger Sings His Sad New Song “Riding To New York”

Mike Rosenberg (Passenger) sang his new song “Riding To New York” for the first time before a crowd at the O2 Academy in Bristol last month. Taking a few minutes to explain its inspiration, he told how he met a man late one night at a gas station in Minnesota, when he went to buy cigarettes. He shared how the man was sitting on his motorbike smoking and said to Mike as he passed by, “This is the best cigarette I’ve ever had in my life“. It seemed odd, but moved the UK singer/songwriter to strike up a conversation with the gentleman. The late night rider shared how he had recently been diagnosed with Emphysema and was riding from Minneapolis to New York to see his family, because he didn’t know how long he had. Like the title says, it’s a sad song.

Passenger spent the summer touring the US and his single “Let Her Go” off of his album All The Little Lights, reached up into the top 20 on the Billboard charts. His recent tour that takes him through Europe, Australia and New Zealand is almost completely sold out. Mike creates captivating stories in his songwriting and those sold out concerts are proof that fans like what they are hearing.

Passenger Tour Sold Out

The quality on the acutal concert of Passenger performing the new song first, isn’t that great, so we included the story for you. You can now view the official video as well below:

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