The Drummer With No Hands Will Amaze And Inspire You (Video)

The Drummer With No Hands Will Amaze And Inspire You (Video)

His name is Cornel Hrisca-Munn, born in Romania on December 20th, 1991, he will soon be 22 years old. Cornel was born with no hands or forearms and a deformed right leg. As was common in the Eastern European country at the time, his parents immediately sent him away to an orphanage. Having been to Romania during this time period, I can’t attest that this was not in his best interest.

Cornel Hrisca-Munn Drums With No Hands

Basically left to die in his crib, it was the goodness of a visiting doctor who intervened and altered his destiny. After appealing to a British woman doing humanitarian work at the orphanage, the doctor convinced Doreen and Ken Munn to adopt. Almost 22 years later, a resident of Worcester, England, Cornel is a Philosophy and Theology graduate from Keble College, Oxford University and a lawyer in training. Oh, and he plays the drums like a rock star!

Via his YouTube channel, Munn publishes videos of himself performing covers, mostly on the his drum set that has been modified to fit his disability. He also plays the bass guitar and double bass. We have included the video below where the inspiring gentleman shows viewers how things are done. His latest video, is a cover of The Foo Fighters song “Everlong”. The speed and accuracy is simply amazing. Telling The Telegraph back in 2010, “I don’t let my physical disability stand in my way…I always find solutions to what I cannot do. I’m a fighter.”

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