DaysTune Top Ten Music Videos For 2013 (Staff Pick)

DaysTune Top Ten Music Videos For 2013 (Staff Pick)

Top Ten Lists. It’s the latest craze this time of year and we weren’t going to miss out on all the fun. Truth be known, it’s not an easy task. Get too many people involved and you’ll be ringing in 2014 before anyone agrees on the end result. We made it simple and asked everyone here to throw in the one video we featured, that stuck in their minds from this past year, which has resulted in our “Top Ten Videos” for 2013.

You won’t find Miley or Beyonce in this list, they made plenty others out there. We’ve focused on the ones that didn’t involve touching yourself, licking hammers or talking about pounding things till they turn blue. They didn’t even have to involve a top ten song, of course if we featured it, you know the music part of the video was already good. This is all about the experience of watching the visual while listening to the song. Enjoy our list and then make your own.

10) Frank Hamilton – “Summer”

Frank Hamilton is a songwriting machine and back in September he moved up a notch in the music world, with the premiere of his first ever music video. The lead track off of his latest EP, “Summer” makes the world a sweet place again, with young love and the power of innocence. Try to watch it without getting chills when the young boy goes running after the car. We still want to know what happened after he left the rock!

9) Lucy Spraggan – “Mountains”

Uk’s X-Factor contestant and singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan, showed us that overcoming the “Mountains” in life isn’t so hard, when you realize you’re not the only one climbing. The song alone is incredibly inspiring, but the over-sized guitar case, briefcase and Olympic medal helped bring it all home. Warning! Your eyes may fill with water.

8) Cazzette – “Run For Cover”

A common theme this year in videos by mainstream and indie artists alike, was the influence and control of powerful record execs. Swedes Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer who make up the Dub-House duo, Cazzettee, put out one incredibly cool video for their electronic single, “Run For Cover“. Not sure what the bird monster is, but it proves effective in keeping EDM from mainstream radio for now. Great visual and a story-line that grabs you from the get go.

7) The 1975 – “Girls”

Love, Love, Love this. From one of the hottest bands to come out of the UK this year, The 1975 dropped a fun video for their pop-rock song, “Girls” this October. Having wooed fans with their black and white videos, the band received such a backlash from fans when they released the video for “Sex” in color, they decided to run with the concept that they were being forced to conform by industry heads; Even though they weren’t.

6) John Butler Trio – “Only One”

Australia’s platinum selling alternative rock band, John Butler Trio proved to us all again how much fun Zombies can be for “Only One“. Take a lesson from the Down Under trio the next time you experience your own World War Z and spin a tune from JBT. Just remember to keep the music going!

5) Empire Of The Sun – “Alive”

There are some songs that you like better with a great video and “Alive” by Australian electronic music duo Empire Of The Sun is just that. It’s all about the total package with the Down Under pair and the same held true this past Spring with the release of their new single at the time “Alive”. Memorable is the key word here visually and we dare you to only watch it once. It lands at the halfway point in our top ten and its definetly a track you should have downloaded in 2013.

4) Lily Allen – “Hard Out Here”

One of the best lines in a music video this year, is the exchange that happens between Lily Allen and the surgeon doing her lipo-suction at the start of her crazy funny video for, “Hard Out Here“. The British singer asks, “Are we nearly done” to which the doctor slowly replies, “Noooo Honey…We’ll be here for a while”. Poking fun at all that twerking, in video advertising and those pesky industry heads, Allen gives us all something to laugh about in the Christopher Sweeney directed video.

3) Bo Saris – “The Addict”

We know what’s going to happen if this is the first time you’ve ever seen the official video for “The Addict” by Bo Saris; you’re going to want to find out who he is and where he’s been. The Dutchman, who lives in London, is going to be big here in the US before you know it. The video is slick from beginning to end, with its psychedelic twisting color scheme and Bo’s cartoonized swag.

2)Panic! At The Disco – “Miss Jackson”

What happens in Vegas…well hopefully this doesn’t actually happen in Vegas. Proving our boys here in the States can rock it like no other, Panic! At The Disco came back with a vengeance this year and one incredibly addictive hook, in “Miss Jackson”, ft. LOLO. Brendon Urie should, 1), get an award for his performance as a crazy dude in the visual directed by Jordan Bahat and 2), a role in a series created solely around this character. That pause at the end before Panic!’s front-man wields the sword and leaps like a freak, is simply amazing!

1) Eminem – “Rap God”

While everyone was waiting for the Holy Grail to turn its water to wine, the forty something Detroit rapper Eminem was moving from royalty to deity, in the video which pays homage to himself, “Rap God“. For those of you old enough to get all that Marshall has thrown into the #9 track from his latest LP, you stood amazed. We’re sure it’s going to show up for rap and lyrical reason on another list.

Video wise, it takes our number one spot hands down. Directed by Rich Lee, the video reminds everyone just how long Eminem has been in the game, with his Max Headroom make-over. It’s the rap, the beat, his confidence, that cool Matrix download thing and the use of almost every item to drive home the point he is the best, that makes this official music video number one.


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our Top Ten Videos For 2013. Our real wish is that you discovered new music and maybe looked at everything in a different light. Not every video above is from a top ten or even top 40 song. Some are not even on the air here in the USA. What makes music great is its diversity and how multiple genres can appeal to one person. We salute our top ten artists and hope you find reason to go and find out more about them.

Bring on 2014!

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