Frank Hamilton & Ebony Day ‘(I Wish This Was) A Christmas Song’

Frank Hamilton & Ebony Day ‘(I Wish This Was) A Christmas Song’

We featured both English singer/songwriters Frank Hamilton and Ebony Day this year on Daystune and with only 11 more days to go, we thought you might like a holiday song from the pair. We love our friends across the pond and the UK has been a gold mine of new music for us to cover in 2013. We dubbed Frank Hamilton’s “Summer” single as “Songwriting Magic” back in September, when it took our song of the day spot on the 14th. The Londoner oozes with talent and pulls you in with his amazing lyrical story telling. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll be touched by the nostalgia and innocence in the video accompaniment for “Summer“.


Sweet eyed Ebony Day, who released her first EP this year titled The Beginning, stole our hearts with her genuineness and Swift like vocals. One of our favorite post lines from this year, we wrote: “Her lead track “Brush You Off My Heart” is a light heart’d pop song, that feels similar to a Taylor Swift single, only without the underlying “I hate this guy for breaking my heart, so I’m going to write a song to destroy him” thing going on“. From her own music, to covers, to her make you smile (and laugh) video blogs, Day is always refreshing.

Frank Hamilton I Wish This Was A Christmas SonLast Christmas eve London’s Frank Hamilton published the video for his song, ‘(I Wish This Was) A Christmas Song’ which featured Bournemouth’s, Ebony Day. The tender love song (which feels like something that should have been played in the famous British holiday movie, Love Actually) was written by Frank Hamilton, Jonny Wright and James Earp for week 50 of Hamitons’s One Song A Week Venture.

The video features the two singers making their way through different holiday settings in London last year. Self made, the post on Hamilton’s YouTube channel explaining its production states: Filmed on Saturday December 15th 2012 in London (until the camera ran out of battery – hence the ending!). They say the English know how to celebrate Christmas and who wouldn’t have wanted to pal around with these two that day. It’s a beautiful song and hopefully we’ve given all of those who have never heard it, a new classic for your playlist. There’s still time, so get it and enjoy!

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Photo: Record Cover ©Frank Hamilton / ©Ebony Day Facebook

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