London’s LAYLA Debuts Her Tender “Oh My Love” Video

London’s LAYLA Debuts Her Tender “Oh My Love” Video

We couldn’t help but fall in love with LAYLA back in October when we featured her single, “Yellow Circles” in our Today’s Song spot. Her music is pure and genuine, filled with the singer/songwriters dreamy vocals. This week saw the release of her latest EP Yellow Circles and a new video for the number 4 track, “Oh My Love”.


LAYLA told us this week concerning the video, “Unfortunately there are no wrecking balls or backing dancers, but it does feature me crying to myself and a pigeon“. How can you not love her?

I’m guessing with a nickle, the viewer gets to watch the Londoner sing the tender love song, with the kind of cadence and simplicity we’ve come to love here in the US from another UK artist, Ed Sheeran. LAYLA’s bluesy vocal undertone adds a richness to her music and intensity to tracks like ‘The Fall’. We know you’re going to hit replay on this one.

Check out our previous post and watch the “Yellow Circles” video here – Go Now!

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