Paul McCartney’s ‘Queenie Eye’ Video Wins Most Stars

Paul McCartney’s ‘Queenie Eye’ Video Wins Most Stars

Sir James McCartney just couldn’t give in at the age of 71 this year and sit in the rocker instead of on a piano bench. In October of this year, the legendary, former Beatles member released his sixteenth studio album, New. The record has received great reviews, with one spectacular moment that includes a large amount of familiar faces.

If there was such an award…strike that, let’s make it one now: The DaysTune award for “Most Stars To Appear In A Music Video” goes to Sir James McCartney for his song, “Queenie Eye”. The somewhat simplistic visual includes a long list of celebrities and musicians with, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Meryl Streep, Jack Savoretti, Kate Moss, Jude Lawy, Tracey Ullman, James Corden, Gary Barlow, Jeremy Irons, Alice Eve, Peter Blake, Tom Ford, Laura Bailey, Peter Blake, Sean Penn and more. A highlight from this years video releases and a damn good song.

Enjoy the video for ‘Queenie Eye’ above and the ‘Behind The Scenes’ video below:

Paul McCartney’s New album is out now on itunes: Visit

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