Roméo Testa Drops Official Video For Bluesy Love Song ‘With You’

Roméo Testa Drops Official Video For Bluesy Love Song ‘With You’

Roméo Testa, the 18 year old Costa Rica born, California based singer, songwriter has just released the official video for his soul-pop track, ‘With You’. Off of his debut EP titled The End, out this past October, Roméo stated in recent press release “This EP represents me as a person and a musician, my taste in music and everything I want to stand for.

Romeo Testa With You

The classically trained, multi-talented musician Testa, comes across like an old soul, showing no pretense in his first EP or in songs like ‘With You’. Written by the young singer after he had gotten lost on a bus in London, the bluesy love song moves along with Romeo’s gentle style and husky crooner vocals.

An amazing singer and talented songwriter, trained in multiple instruments and musical composition, Roméo Testa is not some good looking kid off the streets who can sing good, he’s the read deal. Whether it’s songs like “Hardest Part” written about the passing of his oldest brother from cancer or the John Newman style song “I’m So Down”, about a girlfriend who was preparing to leave him, Roméo puts his life to music, giving the listener something genuine and full of emotion. It also helps that his debut record features Adele’s songwriting and production team of Dan Wilson, Eg White and Fraser T. Smith.

(Hint) Saturday December 14th ‘With You’ is going to be our song of the day!
Stream The End EP Below:

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