‘This Is American Idol’: It’s Back With Some Changes (Premiere)

‘This Is American Idol’: It’s Back With Some Changes (Premiere)

Prepare yourself for yet another music competition, as the one that started them all, American Idol returns to television tonight on Fox. Season 13 brings a new judges panel and a few changes to the process. The cast were all present at last nights premiere event of ‘American Idol XIII’ at Royce Hall in Westwood, California Tuesday January 14th, including some of the past winners and runner-ups.

With The Voice doing so well, Idol will have to step up its game to prove it hasn’t reached its end.

Returning Judge Jennifer Lopez and New Member Harry Connick Jr. ©Fameflynet

Returning Judge Jennifer Lopez and New Member Harry Connick Jr. ©Fameflynet

The only part of the judges panel that will look like last year will be returning Country superstar, Keith Urban. The three judge panel face-lift will include returning judge Jennifer Lopez, along with newcomber Harry Connick Jr. Connick stated in an interview that one of the things that makes the show so great is “finding that diamond in the rough” and turning them into a star, “It’s the Cinderella story“.

American Idol Premiere Party

Current Judge Keith Urban & Newcomber Harry Connick Jr. ©Fameflynet

First glance of the new panel does give some hope that drama like that of last year, between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj should be absent from Season 13. Unlike the prior edition, Urban seems to have found comfort in the fact that he will not be sandwiched between two divas. Both Harry and Jennifer voiced excitement about making this year about the contestants and not themselves.

The Men's Club - Seacrest, Urban and Connick Jr. ©Fameflynet

The Men’s Club – Seacrest, Urban and Connick Jr. ©Fameflynet

Ryan Seacrest continues his reign as host of the music competition. Along with the new panel, there will be a few changes this year as well. The first and biggest alteration, will involve former judge Randy Jackson, who returns this time around as the in-house mentor, who will help the contestants with things like vocal challenges. Another addition, not to be enjoyed by the participants for sure, will be the ‘Hollywood or Home’ round. So you got picked to move forward and the world is a happy place, right? Nope, instead there will be an in-between period when judges can ask for one or more performances to make a true final decision if the singer will advance.

If you think that’s where the improvements end, you’re mistaken. You can throw in a ‘Rush Week’, which will see 30 contestants reduced to just 10, throw out the sad back-stories and also, all those outdated songs. That last part may have the most positive impact for the singers, giving them newer material which they can relate to.

It all sounds good so far, we’ll just have to tune in to see if it’s enough to put the show back on the map.

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Photos: ©Famelfynet

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