Colbie Caillat Dances In The Moonlight On “Hold On” Video Debut

Colbie Caillat Dances In The Moonlight On “Hold On” Video Debut

Malibu’s “Bubbly” singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat, dances in the moonlight in the new video for her lead single “Hold On”. Off of her upcoming fifth studio album due out early this year, Colbie’s new track is much more determined pop than we’ve heard in the past. A move away from the light handed, somewhat country-pop feel of her past hits, there are moments like the chorus that take on a “Florence Welch” type vocal – and we like it! Mix in the slender 28 year old, dancing seductively in front of a big moon with wet hair and its pretty clear her new venture isn’t just about fun in the sun.

Colbie Caillat writes hits songs and creates music your ears love to hear and your lips love to sing and “Hold On” is nothing less. She’s mixed things up just enough to catch us by surprise and draw us in for another go around. Vocally things feel more mature and somewhat seductive and yet the upbeat, catchy parts that we love from the “Realize” singer, are still present. It’s a hit!

Now we know what she does on the beach when the sun goes down.

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