Lana Del Ray Releases “Once Upon A Dream” From Maleficent Film

Lana Del Ray Releases “Once Upon A Dream” From Maleficent Film

While everyone is thinking about all the great music from this past year during tonight’s Grammy’s, singer Lana Del Ray and ©Disney are using the opportunity to drop a new release. From the upcoming summer ©Disney movie, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, Lana performs the song “Once Upon A Dream”. The song appeared in the original Sleeping Beauty film and will take title song in the re-imagined version, that see’s things from the villain’s point of view this time around. Lana’s cover of the song will appear during the movies credits at the end.


The new official trailer was featured during the nights awards show, which has the Del Ray track playing in the background. The song is being made available for free on Google Play for a limited time. Reports are that the star of the film chose the 27 year old singer specifically to sing on the movies title song.

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