Tyler Lyle: The Georgia Songwriting Shakespeare Will Captivate You

Tyler Lyle: The Georgia Songwriting Shakespeare Will Captivate You

While playing through the list of songs available to me from the Georgia born singer/songwriter Tyler Lyle, I attempted several times to begin my post. Already sure of what I wanted to say about the particular song that snagged me and shouted “Write About This One!”, I also wanted to get a good round picture of just what this now LA based songster was all about. The idea that each track would further aid me in digitally penning something both interesting and informative for our visitors, was quickly squelched within seconds of pressing play. Like St. Peter falling in awe of a Nazarene man pulling a multitude of fish from an apparently empty see, I couldn’t help but become captivated every-time the Georgian Shakespeare turned the strum of a simple guitar into a masterpiece. His new video ‘Werewolf’ is a good place to start for sure if you want to get a taste of Tyler Lyle, but you’re starting at the icing my friend and you’ll need to take a bigger bite, because the cake is just as good.

Like so many artists out there, Tyler hasn’t just hit the music scene or recently caught the attention of music lovers unknown or famous. He has carried his music both independently over the course of the past three years and now with the help of a major label. His songs have been featured in television shows which include Private Practice, Gossip Girls and Heart of Dixie. He is preparing to release a brand new collection of his songs early this year, which will include tracks from his critically acclaimed album The Golden Age & The Silver Girl which was hailed as a Top 10 release by NPR’s “World Cafe.”

Tyler Lyle Werewolf Video

The new video for the song “Werewolf” which was released this past November was directed by Dan Monick and filmed in the Mohave Desert at an abandoned amusement park. The result, as Monick put it is, “whistful, simple, classic, melancholic, and sweet.” The amazing thing about Tyler’s voice and lyrical storytelling, is that you really don’t need a video to take a journey. Watch him explain the inspiration for the song “Somebody’s Someone”, at the beginning of the video below, which he published to YouTube last month and see if you don’t start seeing it all unfold in your mind as he sings. As I said at the start, he captivates.

All of Tyler Lyle’s previous releases, which included his latest from 2013, Expatriates EP and the acclaimed The Golden Age & The Silver Girl, are available on iTunes. His upcoming album release is one we will be keeping a close eye for. He is definitely one to watch, but more importantly…one to enjoy now!

Look for “Werewolf” to be our Song of The Day for January 19th, 2014.

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